app guideYou have a long and difficult journey behind you.

But now you have arrived in Germany. However “arrived” in German means a lot more: Become part of society and join in.

This app will help you to do this:

Learn German

You will find an introduction to the German language here with a lot of exercises you can do on your own.

Living in Germany

This app will be your companion for the first few weeks in Germany. It also has answers to practical everyday life questions.

Asylum, Apprenticeship, Job

What happens in the asylum process, how do you find a job or a vocational training position? This app has answers to many important questions.

At you will find a guide for visitors to Germany, refugees and future citizens. Its aim is to provide orientation to visitors when they first arrive in Germany. This guide aims to provide useful information for refugees for the time before they can participate in integration courses and German classes offered by the government. As of September 2015, this kind of information had not yet been provided in a guide for this purpose by the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge).


2016 02 16 informationskarteYou are new in the district of Gifhorn and looking in the area of your new residence or district for a kindergarten, a good restaurant, a bank or the employment agency? Which bus line takes me there, what is the address and the phone number?

You want to find those places fast and secure, up to date and very easy?  Click at the map to the left.

You can use this map on any device using your browser.

You will find a lot of informations on various facilities like counseling services, employment agencies, kindergarten, schools, supermarkets, bakeries, bus stops, religious institutions and many more.

All instructions are automatically translated into German, English and Arabic.



  • For an exact view and a correct selection of the desired target you have to zoom into the map. Only if the chosen target has got a blue border around the icon you can be sure the correct information is visible.
  • If you want to know the distance between two locations, you can use the measurement tool. Search your current location on the map, and then click along the roads to your destination.